• The Water Fund in 2022

    Working with partner countries in Latin America and the Caribbean to realise the human rights to water and sanitation.

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  • Gender focus in Water Fund programmes

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  • Integrated Water Resources Management, environment and climate change: priority objectives of the FCAS

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  • Boosting wastewater planning and treatment, essential for proper sanitation

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People trained in Water and Sanitation service management and IWRM


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People sensitised on Hygiene and IWRM


In 2022, the Cooperation Fund for Water and Sanitation continued working towards the fulfillment of Human Rights to Water and Sanitation by supporting partners in the region to deliver access to safe drinking water to more than 340,000 people and sanitation to 145,000. In addition to the beneficiaries of previous years, the Fund has reached almost 4.4 million beneficiaries since its launch in 2009.

This year, efforts have also focused on strengthening the institutional capacity of partner countries by promoting the creation of regulatory frameworks and instruments to improve sector governance. Likewise, in 2022, following pre-investment work, the execution of three programs began (these are underway in El Cantón de San Lorenzo (Ecuador), Siguatepeque (Honduras), and El Salvador, at a national level), and two new initiatives were approved, both of which are still in the design phase.

These initiatives will be undertaken in Ecuador and the municipality of Suchitoto, in El Salvador, and will focus on rural regions, emphasizing environmental management and gender equality. The results are now beginning to reveal a trend. The number of beneficiaries is not growing as rapidly as in the Fund’s early years.

FCAS Budget

The grants provided by the Water and Sanitation Cooperation Fund until 2022 amount to 800 million euros (plus financial interest on some programmes). These contributions have been used to mobilise a further €800 million in local contributions, for a total investment of €1.601 billion.

Budget by countries